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Wedding gowns are our passion. We specialize in delicate fabrics and trimmed items. Our reputation for excellence has made us the preferred preservation specialist for drycleaners across Ohio. We are committed to expert cleaning because we know that preparation for long term storage starts with a thorough inspection of your gown for stains to determine the best method of cleaning. Our cleaning and preservation techniques are guaranteed to prevent yellowing or oxidation of your gown. We offer a warranty with every gown to guarantee our work.

We believe in responsible processing to ensure we use the most gentlest process for your gown and the environment, thus processing your gown in a professional wet cleaning system or GreenEarth® .

We take the time necessary to take care of your gown needs. Gowns are our business and we are equipped to handle the most intricate designs from designer silks, beads, sequins and crystals. That is why we are chosen by many newlyweds world wide to handle their gown.

The final step in our preservation method is to carefully package your garment using our customized packaging, guaranteed to keep your gown safe from exposure to the elements. We know many of you having been planning your special day for years and we appreciate the trust you put in us to  preserve your memories for future generations. For those of you who are interest in preserving your garments for future sale, we know the value of your garment is directly related to how it has been preserved.

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